+It was a warm and sunny day in Los Angeles on Martin Luther King Junior day.
+I was sent to the Kingdom Day Parade in South Los Angeles to film the Power 106 float & talent.
+I don’t normally jump for event projects - between parking and carrying gear and filming strangers - I’d rather stay at my desk and edit or film something in studio.
+…But I knew that the parade would be something special to see, so I dragged my introverted self to the parade,
+and I was right.

+Favorite part:the kids.
+Laughing & dancing to the music as our float cruised by, DJ’d by E-Man.
+I really wish I was even half as lit as those kids were.
+They were just having a pure good time.
+Life is too short to forget your inner child,
+going to a function where no one’s dancing is all too common in LA.

+As I was going through my footage I knew I had to make a video of the crowd,
+so I put together this clip
+Audio: Martin Luther King Jr.’s “Life’s Blueprint” speech.

+I hope you enjoy. xx