+I was driving to work and saw there was a weed museum walking distance from my apartment
+So Shirley hit up Weedmaps and we got tickets to go
+Unfortunatley, we only had about 15 minutes, I had a flight to NM
+But we made a quick vlog for IGTV, utilizing split screen
+Thank you Weedmaps for creating a fun, informative, impactful experience.

LA Marathon 2019

+I like to consider myself a runner.
+But man… I could never run a marathon.
+I filmed J Cruz running the LA Marathon…
+From Dodger Stadium to Santa Monica Pier.
+Running through Echo Park, Hollywood Boulevard, Rodeo Drive….
+I was exhausted just filming it.
+Incredible amounts of respect for everyone who completed it.
+And an honor to document it all.
+Congratulations, Cruz.

LA Sparks Media Day 2019

+Women are so powerful, man.
+I have SO much respect for women athletes.
+I was fortunate enough to shoot the LA Sparks Media Day and was so inspired.
+These women work just as hard as the men, for less pay, and much less hype.
+But just like photographers, we do it for the love of the craft (sport.)
+I dream for the day of true equality.
+Across genders, races, religions, EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE.
+Congratulations and good luck to all of these fantastic athletes.

The Marathon Continues


+The world is mourning Nipsey Hussle.
+It just doesn’t feel right, it shouldn’t have been this way.
+Here one day and gone the next…
+I’m familiar with this feeling.
+Working at an LA Hip Hop station made it all the more difficult
+Monday was heavy… you could feel it in the air.
+I love seeing how LA has came together to celebrate his life
+Kat Tat held a fundraiser at her Beverly Hills shop last night
+And I took pics for LA Weekly.
+$60 Nipsey tats with proceeds going to one of Nip’s projects
+It was beautiful seeing so many people come out
+Energy was definitely something he would have enjoyed.
+RIP Nip, thank you for everything.

Rolling Loud LA 2018

+Rolling Loud LA was a movie.
+Power was a partner, so I covered both stages both days.
+It was cold.
+It was claustrophobic.
+It was fucking beautiful.
+Easily the 2nd best event I’ve ever filmed.
+[Kanye’s Wyoming release party will always be first.]
+And also my first multi-day festival.
+Filming Lil Wayne and smoking a packwoods while he closed out the show will forever go down as a moment of pure happiness.
+I want to do it all again…. in Miami.
+So here is the submission I shot + edited.
+Fingers Crossed.

Do you feel it?


+New visual to express my frustration with playing the long game
+Feat. @norabiltz, watch the video here.

Self Portrait

+I took a lot of self portraits in junior high + high school
+My first camera was an Olympus that my grandfather on my mom’s side gave me
+He was so intellectual, always reading, teaching me history I didn’t care about
+But he encouraged my creativity
+And understood how creativity and intelligence were linked
+"The greatest scientists are artists as well" -Albert Einstein
+…it was four megapixels
+And I took hundreds of teenage selfies in my room with it
+That was before selfies were a thing
+I’ve taken selfies on many different cameras since then
+But a video selfie… never done that.
+So here it is, January 2019, shot on my red raven.
+Thanks Boppa, for being the first to hand me a camera.

MLK 2019

+It was a warm and sunny day in Los Angeles on Martin Luther King Junior day.
+I was on assignment for Power 106 at the Kingdom Day Parade in South LA
+I don’t normally jump for event projects - between parking and carrying gear and filming strangers
+But I knew that the parade would be something special to see
+and I was right.

+Favorite part:the kids.
+Laughing & dancing to the music as our float cruised by, DJ’d by E-Man.
+I really wish I was even half as lit as those kids were
+They were just having a pure good time
+As I was going through my footage I knew I had to make a video of the crowd,
+so I put together this clip
+Audio: Martin Luther King Jr.’s “Life’s Blueprint” speech.

+I hope you enjoy. xx