+It’s almost Valentines Day.
+And I’m finally getting over someone who I thought could have been something.
+I thought it would be mutual, undeniable, groundbreaking.
+But, it turned out to be nothing.
+I’ve always loved Valentines Day because I’ve always had men around.
+Usually get flowers + asked to dinner by multiple.
+But the past 4 years or so have been different…
+I no longer entertain men I’m not interested in.
+I see no point, I would rather be shooting.
+So when I see one I want, I’m enthralled, I’m amazed by them,
+And I think this is where it all goes wrong.
+One day, one of them will love me back, even if it’s a slow process.
+New visual to express my frustration with playing the long game
+With @norabiltz, watch here.